Ceb Likely to Miss TI10, OG in Big Trouble

We’ve just learned that Ceb, the legendary OG offlaner, has recently had an eye surgery and that he’s still... Radu M. | 1. October 2021

We’ve just learned that Ceb, the legendary OG offlaner, has recently had an eye surgery and that he’s still recovering. It is not yet clear whether or not he will attend The TI10 but chances are quite high that he won’t. Usually, it takes weeks or even months to make a full recovery after a medical surgery and the problem that required it was extremely severe. According to the player, he had been only a few hours away from losing his eyesight irreversibly because of a retinal detachment.

Injury in Esports

Ceb is not the first player to suffer from his commitment to esports. Other great players, such as KuroKy, Fear or olofmeister had to deal with physical injuries. But while they had arm-related issues, Ceb’s problem seems much more dangerous.

For anyone reading this, you need to understand that playing esports 60+ hours per week is not without risks. If you don’t take good care of your body, you can easily damage yourself just by sitting in front of a computer. Sleep, proper nutrition, and proper physical exercise are a necessity for your long-term health. And the more extreme your gaming habits are, the more you need to compensate for them with things of this nature.

OG’s Chances at TI10

OG has announced that if anything goes wrong, they will play with a standin. Apparently, m`ICKe from Team Liquid has agreed to replace Ceb, at least until he recovers. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen but chances are huge that Ceb will miss The International this year.

It’s probably a very sad thing for him all things considered. He came close to elimination in the qualifiers and barely defeated Tundra in the Grand Final. Then he spent 3 months training for the biggest tournament in the history of Dota 2. And now, just one week before the start of the competition, he came close to losing one of his eyes. What a complete nightmare!


Photo credit: Valve