CDL 2023 Major V: Florida, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Toronto advance to Winners Round 2

The excitement of the last Major of the Call of Duty League 2023 season, Major V, has begun, and... Eduardo | 26. May 2023

The excitement of the last Major of the Call of Duty League 2023 season, Major V, has begun, and we have Florida Mutineers, Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, and Minnesota RØKKR starting the tournament with victories and advancing to Winners Round 2.

While the teams’ victories were more than deserving, we can’t overlook that the Mutineers crushed the heavy favorites of this Major V, OpTic Texas, 0-3. In addition, the victory of the RØKKR against Boston Breach assures them their place in the next CDL Championship 2023.

Let’s see what happened on the first day of the CDL 2023 Major V.

Atlanta FaZe apply a clean sweep to beat Las Vegas Legion.

The Atlanta FaZe boys came into this Major V with the firm conviction of adding their second title of this season, and this clean sweep victory over Las Vegas Legion is a small sample of that.

It all started at Embassy (Hardpoint), where Atlanta FaZe had absolute control of the match from start to finish. As a result, FaZe took a comfortable 250-179 victory, which served them to break the ice in this new edition of a Major. Then, in the second match at The Asylum (Search&Destroy), Atlanta proved they were in great form after a crushing 6-1 victory.

Finally, the teams met again at The Asylum, but this time in Control, where Atlanta FaZe sealed their first win in this Major V with an excellent 3-1 victory.

Toronto Ultra made their home stand up and beat NY Subliners 3-2

The home squad, Toronto Ultra, got an excellent win over the Subliners 3-2 in an extremely exciting series from start to finish. This series was an incredible give-and-take, which ended with a victory for the Ultra.

It all started at Mercado Las Almas (Hardpoint), where Toronto Ultra started with a bang to take a comfortable 250-156 victory. Then, at Breenbergh Hotel (Search&Destroy), both teams gave us an exciting match, but this time it was the Subliners who took the victory by 6-3.

With the series tied 1-1, the teams met again at Breenbergh Hotel (Control), where we witnessed a very intense match with many emotions. However, Toronto Ultra managed to pull out a narrow 3-2 victory. However, the Subliners, as in the second game of the series, were able to react immediately to take a 250-138 victory at Embassy (Hardpoint).

Finally, Toronto Ultra was able to step up and, with the help of their fans, managed to take the win at Embassy (Search&Destroy) with a score of 6-3 to secure their first win of this Major V.

Florida Mutineers strike big blow by crushing OpTic Texas 3-0

OpTic Texas, a team that came in as the clear favorite to lift the trophy in this Major V, was surprised by the Florida Mutineers, who displayed their best game to take a crushing 3-0 victory.

It all started on Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint), one of the maps that OpTic had mastered to perfection in this game mode. However, the determination of the Mutineers’ boys was such that they managed to crush them mercilessly with a score of 250-134. This was a hard blow for OpTic, who could not recover in the series and fell again in Mercado Las Almas (Search&Destroy) with a score of 6-2.

Finally, Florida Mutineers sealed this extraordinary clean sweep against the favorites of this Major V, OpTic Texas, with an excellent victory at Himmelmatt Expo (Control), scoring 3-2.

Minnesota RØKKR off to a strong start against Boston Breach

The RØKKR started this Major V with a flawless victory against Boston Breach, scoring 3-2. There is no doubt that this series was exciting and that any of the two teams had the merits to win. However, the RØKKR stepped up to score the first victory of the Major V.

It all started with an excellent victory at Embassy (Hardpoint) for the RØKKR with a score of 250-193. However, this only gave the Breach boys a wake-up call, as they picked up back-to-back wins at Mercado Las Almas (Search&Destroy) by 6-3 and at El Asilo (Control) by 3-1.

With the series in check, the RØKKR would have to win the last two games to continue their run in the Winners Bracket. In the fourth match at Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint), we had an intense map, ending in a 250-230 victory for RØKKR.

Finally, the Breach came very close to winning at Breenbergh Hotel, but the RØKKR had the conviction to stay in the game and took the win by 6-5.

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