CDL 2023 Major II qualifiers Week 2 recap

The second week of the CDL 2023 Major II playoffs is over, and we have different things to highlight.... Eduardo | 24. January 2023

The second week of the CDL 2023 Major II playoffs is over, and we have different things to highlight. First, we must underline the surprising victories of OpTic Texas in their two games, as this puts them undefeated in Major II. Many fans thought that with Scump’s retirement, the team would go into free fall, but the team has shown that they can get by without the legend.

The Minnesota RØkkr team has had different faces these past two weeks as they have yet to find their identity. After a tough first week, they surprised all the fans by crushing Atlanta FaZe 3-0 but then lost 1-3 to LA Guerrillas.

The London Royal Ravens, on the other hand, are still struggling, but they managed to get a win against Las Vegas Legion after being swept by Los Angeles Thieves. There is no doubt that the Legion has been disappointed with this loss, as they are a team that could be a contender to win Major II in Boston. However, they can’t afford to lose these types of games.

Week 2 of the CDL 2023 Major II qualifiers

Boston wants to defend its home turf

There is no doubt that Boston had a disappointing performance in Major I, but the team made a clean slate this time around. They defeated the RØkkr with an overwhelming 3-0 in the first week but lost to OpTic Texas with a 2-3 score in week 2.

On the other hand, in this second week, they had a tough test against Las Vegas Legion but won with a lot of conviction. They lost in Search and Destroy in Mercado and had to deal with two challenging games in Hardpoint, but they managed to win 3-1.

Atlanta FaZe is dreaming about first place

FaZe is close to Ultra and the Subliners at the top of the overall standings. But, with the level these two teams are playing, they are unlikely to relinquish the lead soon.

Atlanta is playing well, like any other team in the CDL, but they have to improve their performance against more formidable teams. In this second week, they were crushed by the RØkkr, but this did not make them drop their arms, and they recovered to beat the reigning Major I champions in five games.

FaZe needs to improve their balance in Hardpoint, as it has been their Achilles heel all season long, with a balance of 11-11 in this game mode.

Subliners or Toronto Ultra? – Better Chances

The two teams fighting to be the best in the Call of Duty League are New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra. Both teams are showing an impressive level of play, especially the Subliners.

New York fought through adversity in Major I to reach the top, and while many thought this was a fluke, they are proving that their level of play is fantastic. After beating the Los Angeles Thieves and the Florida Mutineers, they fell to Atlanta FaZe in a tight match.

On the other hand, Toronto Ultra can knock the Subliners out of first place in the blink of an eye. This team has put on some spectacular plays that we have seen little of all season. There is no doubt that they have had no trouble adjusting to the new game. However, after looking like an unbeatable team in this tournament, they lost 1-3 to OpTic Texas.

There is no doubt that the team will want to take revenge against their next opponent in the following week to stay in the fight for the top of the standings.

Call of Duty League Power Rankings – Updated

  • Toronto Ultra
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • New York Subliners
  • OpTic Texas
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Los Angeles Thieves
  • Vegas Legion
  • Boston Breach
  • Los Angeles Gurrillas
  • Minnesota RØkkr
  • Seattle Surge
  • London Royal Ravens

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