Canceling The Dota Pro Circuit Was A Great Idea

Valve first introduced the Dota Pro Circuit format back in 2017, in an attempt to give Dota 2’s professional... Radu M. | 30. June 2024

Valve first introduced the Dota Pro Circuit format back in 2017, in an attempt to give Dota 2’s professional scene a bit more structure and prestige. But it quickly became apparent that this attempt would fail to deal with the real needs of the players and talent involved.

First of all, the number of matches was small but the way in which they were scheduled more or less killed the interest of tournament organizers to create their own events.

Because The International had such a high prize pool and the qualification points could be obtained only by competing in DPC events, nobody cared very much about anything else.

In time, DPC tournaments went from having modest prize pools to having very low prize pools. There was little to be seen throughout the year and very little money to be made outside of TI, so everyone suffered.

Finally, after seven years, Valve decided to put an end to this way of doing things and invited companies like ESL and PGL to take on bigger responsibilities, which they did.

The Fear And The Triumph

At first, everyone feared that nobody would step in to save the game’s professional scene. At the same time, many famous organizations were announcing their decision to quit Dota 2 completely. There was simply too little money to be made and almost all of it went to the top eight teams.

Not long after Valve’s decision to put an end to the DPC, announcements started to be made about future events. And we’re not talking about modest events but about $1 million events.

ESL’s DreamLeague was already a thing. So was Riyadh Masters. But with the old format completely abandoned, there was all of a sudden room for many more tournaments.

In 2024, there will be at least 12 important competitions in total. One of them, Snow Ruyi Invitational, offers $500.000 in prize money. Another, Elite League S2, offers $800.000. The other ten offer $1 million or more.

In particular, Riyadh Masters decided to offer $5 million this year. As for The International 2024, we have yet to find out. But it will likely have at least $3 million. This means that Dota 2’s total prize pool for 2024 will be somewhere around $20 million. And we’re not counting B-tier and C-tier events.

With so much action going on at all times, it’s no wonder that the game’s player base has started to grow again after years of stagnation.

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