Can Fnatic Make a Comeback?

Fnatic hasn’t been seen for two months. After losing Jabz at the start of September, the team went on... Radu M. | 25. November 2020

Fnatic hasn’t been seen for two months. After losing Jabz at the start of September, the team went on to play 10 consecutive matches without getting a single win. They lost 8 times and drew twice. And keep in mind, these were all Bo2 regional matches. After this disaster, the team lost some players and decided to take a break. Now they announced that their 5-man roster is complete again.

The New Fnatic Roster

Strangely enough, Jabz returned to the team just 5 weeks after he left. But during all of this chaos, iceiceice left for good and is now playing for Evil Geniuses. So who replaced him?

The new player is known as Masaros. And he comes directly from one of the great teams in the SEA region, Motivate.Trust Gaming. Given the results of this team in recent months, Fnatic probably made a really good move by signing him.

So the new Fnatic roster is this:

  • Raven
  • Moon
  • Masaros
  • Jabz
  • DJ

For the time being, DJ seems to be the new captain. I think Jabz should assume that role, since he’s the most knowledgeable one in that department. But perhaps the management decided to give someone else a chance after they saw what happened last time and try some new things. DJ is not entirely new to the role either, but it’s still a bit unusual to see him at the helm. It’s true that he’s been playing for Fnatic for 3.5 years. However, for me he’s always been just a support player.

What Can Fnatic Do Next

Fnatic has serious competition in Southeast Asia. There are many teams that are hungry to win and full of great players. Examples include: Among Us, Motivate.Trust, BOOM Esports, TNC Predator, Adroit Esports, and Neon Esports. We’ll have to wait and see what Fnatic can do to recover, but they’ll probably need a few months before they can start playing world-class Dota again. These past two months have been for them a period of reflection. It’s not yet clear when we will see them back in action because there’s nothing going on regionally at the moment. But when the next challenge presents itself, this new Fnatic roster had better deliver. Because the organization’s Dota 2 team is in a rough spot right now.


Photo credit: Valve