Will Crimsix’s decorated career survive the NYSL drama?

After being dropped from the New York Subliners lineup on August 14, Ian “Crimsix” Porter is now dealing with... Shubh | 17. August 2022

After being dropped from the New York Subliners lineup on August 14, Ian “Crimsix” Porter is now dealing with serious accusations from a former teammate.

While other organizations were posting the status of their rosters amid the ongoing Call of Duty League Rostermania, the players of New York Subliners had an explosive broadcast for all to see, which revealed serious conflicts going on within the organization. 

The drama on The Flank

Although there had already been some hostility between the teammates for some time, Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto’s CDL Twitch show, The Flank, is where the actual pandemonium broke out. Speaking candidly about the 2022 season, NYSL players and coaches disclosed some major drama, leveling serious accusations against one another. The French CoD player Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez accused Crimsix of racism for making a statement about his Algerian heritage.

When the subject of Algeria came up in conversation, Crimsix reportedly responded, “Who cares about Algeria”. In response to the allegations, Crimsix acknowledged that he shouldn’t have said it even if it was meant to be humorous. Then he attacked the coaches, alleging that the three newly hired backroom staff members were at odds with one another, which had an impact on the team’s performance. Crim also alleged that in a fit of rage, head coach Eshan “DREAL” Javed even yelled at the team’s new recruits.

Paul “PaulEhx” Avila and Crimsix both asserted that the organization had deceived and exploited them, pointing out that the Subliners’ administration had intended to replace them both with fresh players before the CDL Major IV. Before the event even began, Subliners started preparing for new players with HyDra attempting to bring AR Cesar “Skyz” Bueno into the team. Crimsix concluded the call after a few more tense minutes of discussion by stating that HyDra is “dead” to him and using a few curse words terms.

It could be a mess, but it may not be the end

Crimsix published a Twitlonger explaining some of his remarks and expressing regret for what transpired, going over each essential point one at a time. Even though Crimsix apologized, the harm had already been done. When combined with his earlier claim, saying that his former teammate Travis “Neptune” McCloud was “the worst sub in the league”,  it only makes things worse for Crimsix’s career.

Leaving the allegation out of the account, Crimsix could be a great addition to any team, given that his CoD career is littered with awards and accomplishments that any esports player could only dream of, including three world championships. Crim adds instant credibility to any team he’s on, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. When it comes to CDL team offers for Modern Warfare 2, Crimsix has acknowledged that things are looking slow, hinting that retirement may be an option if things go wrong.

While it is impossible to say for sure whether Crimsix will secure a position in the CDL’s 2023 season, it is reasonable to speculate that if he doesn’t, the loss of the indisputable CoD GOAT will be felt keenly. Crimsix is currently an unrestricted free agent through 2023, which entitles him to sign with any CDL team without any limitations.

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