BUSINESS: Gen.G opens new Seoul facility

Global esports organization Gen.G announced the grand opening of its new cutting-edge facility, located near its headquarters in Seoul.... Paolo | 12. June 2024

Global esports organization Gen.G announced the grand opening of its new cutting-edge facility, located near its headquarters in Seoul.

The new building marks a significant milestone for the Gen.G Global Academy (GGA) and its students, solidifying the organization’s commitment to providing unparalleled education and resources for the future professionals of the gaming and esports space.

The facility’s focus is to help grow the offline portions of the attending GGA students whether they intend to aim to be pro gamers, earn esports scholarships for college or secure jobs in the industry. The new amenities include spacious lecture rooms, top-of-the-line esports training centers, streaming rooms, scrimmage zones, and rest areas. The scrimmage area is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and ASUS gaming chairs. Students will also be able to use new high-performance keyboards from DrunkDeer and new ultralight gaming mice from Pulsar.

Gen G. CEO Arnold Hur said, “our Academy facility is dedicated to helping the thousands of gamers globally in our program find their unique path to success at all levels of play. These new expanded facilities will be critical in growing our offerings especially for both domestic and international students.” Hur adds, “We’re really proud of the impressive record we have built by placing great esports talent both professionally and at the university level as well as helping students find an alternative path to success through our corporate training programs.”

Conveniently situated on a main street with numerous additional facilities, students will have an easy time getting around and accessing whatever they need. From securing esports scholarships to landing dream roles in the industry, GGA says its students have “consistently achieved a 100% college acceptance rate” and had successfully made a  pathway for it students to pursue professional gaming and esports careers.

Additionally, GGA collaborates with the Gangnam Career Pathway Center to offer comprehensive career experience programs, enriching students’ educational journey.

“We put both student and parent satisfaction as our priority. And to see our students enjoying these facilities and feeling satisfied with their learning experience brings us immense joy, especially when we see the great impact and outcomes we can have,” said Hur. 

GGA also recently acquired GGtics, a leading esports data analysis company renowned for its YOUR.GG platform. This integration empowers students with data-driven insights and personalized coaching from seasoned professionals, further enriching their educational experience.

Gen.G is one of 30 teams selected for the Esports World Cup Club Support Program, which gives teams a one-time six-figure stipend if an organization is willing to enter new esports as well as additional funding each year if they drive viewership and fan engagement to the Esports World Cup.