Brazy Party kicks off with Apeks, OG, ITB, and 00 Nation victories

The Brazy Party, a tournament organized by Relog Media, has started. The tournament’s first day ended with victories of... Eduardo | 27. April 2023

The Brazy Party, a tournament organized by Relog Media, has started. The tournament’s first day ended with victories of Apeks and OG from Group A and Into The Breach and 00 Nation from Group B.

In this tournament, we have the participation of big teams such as Astralis, Cloud9, BIG, ENCE, and Eternal Fire, all of which have recently been present in tournaments at the top competitive level of CS:GO. However, lower-level teams have also shown excellent performance in recent weeks, such as ITB, Team GamerLegion, and 9INE.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at what happened on the first day of competition at the Brazy Party.

Apeks score a big win over Eternal Fire

While it is true that the Turks of Eternal Fire started this series as the clear favorites, they could not defeat the Norwegian team, Apeks, and ended up losing 1-2 in what was an excellent and exciting series.

It all started in Vertigo, the map pick of Eternal Fire, where the Norwegian team showed, and in what a way, all their cards to take a resounding victory by 16-6. Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad (93.6 ADR and 1.29 Rating) led Apeks to victory on the first map. Nothing EF could do in this match, as they started the first half trailing 3-12 and failed to achieve the comeback feat.

In the second map, Mirage (Apeks’ map pick), Eternal Fire woke up and hit back quickly. Thanks to an outstanding performance by Ömer “imoRR” Karataş, the Turks started with a 9-6 partial victory on the CT side. Then, at the change of sides, Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli wreaked havoc with Apeks’ defense to lead Eternal Fire to the 16-8 victory.

Finally, the third and deciding map, Anubis, was a real give-and-take throughout the match. Eternal Fire started very strong winning the first half 10-5; Apeks would not stay with it and even scored 15-15 to send the match to Overtime. Finally, after four Overtime, Apeks managed to win 22-20.

Into The Breach applied a reverse sweep against PaiN Gaming and took the first victory of the tournament

In another intense match, ITB got a 1-2 victory over paiN Gaming after applying an extraordinary reverse sweep. However, Sebastian “volt” Malos and Karol “rallen” Rodowicz made life hell for the Brazilians in the second and third maps of the series.

It all started on one of the favorite maps of the Brazilian teams, Vertigo. Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt and Gabriel “NEKIZ” Schenato dealt a blow to the British with a strong defense during the first half. Although ITB tried to react on their CT side, they could not win more than six rounds and lost 10-16.

The second map, Anubis, was a completely different story. ITB started very strong on their T side, but with an awakening at the end of the first half from the Brazilians, they could only take the win by 8-7. However, with the change of sides, Sebastian “volt” Malos and Thomas “Thomas” Utting became the spearhead of the British attack that comfortably overcame the Brazilian defense to take the victory by 16-10.

Finally, in another extremely close match, ITB managed a 16-13 win in Mirage with rallen as the protagonist, as the Pole had 105.1 ADR and a 1.51 Rating.

OG crush GODSENT and advance to the Winner’s Match

In a demonstration of power and great performance, OG crushed GODSENT 2-0 to advance to the Winners Match, where they will face Apeks for a place in the playoffs.

The series began in Inferno, GODSENT’s map pick, and we had a very balanced first half, as the score ended with a 9-6 that left many possibilities in the match. However, Shahar “flameZ” Shushan (128 ADR and 2.68 Rating) took care of annihilating the Swedes in the second half (T-side) to lead his team to a comfortable 16-7 victory.

On the second map, Mirage, it was more of the same, but GODSENT was able to show a little more resistance. However, it all ended the same way, as OG was never in trouble and managed to take the win 16-9. In this match, Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen led OG to victory and finished with 88.8 ADR and a 1.53 Rating.

00 Nation surprise BIG and take the first win in the tournament

It’s no secret to anyone that 00 Nation has shown a lot of inconsistency in their play over the past few months. However, when the team shows its full potential, it is among the best in the American CS:GO scene. In this match, BIG was the victim of one of those days when Brazilians believed in no one.

Mirage (map pick of BIG) was the scene of the first clash between these teams in the series, and the Germans started very strong, winning by 9-6 on side T. However, this only woke up the Brazilians, who, as they have become accustomed to many, with their aggressive and ruthless game, managed to win ten rounds to take the victory by 16-13. Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer (122 ADR and 1.86 Rating) was the architect of this victory for 00 Nation.

In the second map, Inferno, we observed a somewhat different story. The Brazilians started their map pick strong, winning 10-5 on the CT side. Something really strange, considering that Inferno is a map that is generally stronger on the defensive side. However, BIG decided to start on the T side, which didn’t go well.

Dumau was in charge of shattering the Germans in both halves and got 00 Nations to take the first win in the tournament after an excellent 16-10 on the second map.

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