Eduardo | 17. December 2022

Brazil’s top player Cherna quit the Rainbow Six league due to toxicity

The esports community is constantly singled out by many for fostering a toxic and violent environment for many women in the scene, no matter what video game it is.

Many negative aspects persist and are still evident in the gaming communities, especially in online games, where machism is still in force.

Toxic communities

It is an undeniable reality that the majority of female gamers who wish to play an online video game, whether casually or competitively, must face not only the already known toxic environments of many communities but also the latent machismo that still circulates.

Sexist comments, unpleasant insinuations, disrespect, disregard for being a woman, and long, etcetera are the common denominators in many of the testimonials.

Cherna moves away from Rainbow Six League

This is the case of Danielle Andrade or “Cherna” as we all know her, in the esports scene, specifically in Rainbow Six.

The considered “best Brazilian esports player” has decided to leave Rainbow Six League after suffering constant comments, insinuations, and many other disrespectful remarks for the simple fact of being a woman in a video game that, according to some, is “only for men.”

Cherna has stated that while she participated in each of the professional competitions organized by Ubisoft for Rainbow Six, Ubisoft never offered her any support regarding the abuse she received online, including, according to Cherna herself, harassment from other players.

She also highlighted a clear fact: the budget for women’s competitions is wholly different and lower than for men’s competitions.

Cherna has a very successful career

There is no doubt that Cherna, at only 22 years of age, has had a great career within Ubisoft’s shooter, Rainbow Six. In just three years, she has won 19 major tournaments.

Cherna states that:

“It sucks to be a black woman playing Rainbow Six Siege.” “Ubisoft only cares about the women’s league because of diversity marketing (…) I won’t tolerate it anymore.”

The Rainbow Six Siege League is sponsored and organized by Ubisoft, so Cherna also states that:

“Like it or not, Rainbow Siege Six belongs to Ubisoft, and they are responsible for developing diversity and inclusion initiatives to improve the environment.”

The Brazilian is clear about what she will do shortly

Si bien es cierto que todavía no hay información con respecto a que equipo o competitive league Cherna will join in the 2023 season, the Brazilian has stated that her main priority will be to strengthen the Brazilian Women’s Gaming Association (AFGB).

Cherna created this association with the objective of:

“Improve the conditions of non-white and non-male Brazilian players in e-sports.”

“The AFGB was created to denounce what happens in the world of video games”, “If a woman suffers harassment and feels alone, she can come to us for help in mental health and legal assistance, and everything will be free of charge.”

#MeToo moment in esports in Brazil

As is common knowledge, the #MeToo movement emerged in October 2017 to denounce sexual assault and harassment.

In Brazil, this movement has had an impact on esports. This is because Brazil has the most prominent esports market in Latin America and ranks fifth in the world.

This means that the Brazilian community is no stranger to the accusations of harassment and inequality that have swept the esports industry in recent years.


Studies confirm Cherna’s statements

Several studies published in recent years have confirmed every accusation and allegation Cherna has long made.

For example, in 2021, Frontier published a study revealing that 51% of women are victims of harassment and toxicity while gaming.

Ubisoft has not yet commented on all of Cherna’s statements, but they will likely do so soon.

Regardless of what video game it is, we must create an excellent environment to play. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, boy, or girl; video games are for enjoyment and having a good time, not for attacking and harassing other people.

Header: Cherna | INTZ