Boston Uprising sings coach Jidset despite several allegations

Boston Uprising has recently become the main focus of attention after announcing the signing of an assistant coach who... Eduardo | 15. March 2023

Boston Uprising has recently become the main focus of attention after announcing the signing of an assistant coach who has been very controversial throughout his career.

The last few days have been hectic in the organizations that belong to the Overwatch League, as everyone is fine-tuning the details for the start of this season that will arrive sooner rather than later.

Boston Uprising announces Jidset as their new assistant coach

On March 13, Boston Uprising announced the addition of Ji “Jidset” Yeoung-hun, a coach who has been very controversial throughout his OWL career, to its coaching staff.

Jidset has been singled out several times for bad behavior with the players he coaches. For example, the new Uprising assistant coach has been accused of stealing salaries and awards from his players. In addition, the coach does not seem to take any comments from his players because he benches them if it is not his liking.

This OWL offseason has been hectic in the last few days, and there is very little time left for the teams to start the season. However, we have witnessed some surprises, such as the new Shanghai Dragon lineup and controversies.

About Jidset

Returning to the subject of Jidset, we highlight that all the accusations made against him for those above have been during his time as a coach in the OWL Contenders division.

However, this conduct is not new on the part of this coach. Since 2017, different accusations have been heard against him. At that time, there was a lot of talk about a controversial situation where Jidset might have fired a LuxuryWatch Blue player for negative comments about his team management. Of course, we are talking about Jang “Luna” Kyung-ho, the player who suddenly left the team for making comments against Jidset.

After this signing, Avast, Misfit Gaming’s content creator, was surprised by the announcement. Additionally, he outlined some of the problems Jidset has had in his career as a trainer.

Luna decides to speak out after two years

The player who Jidset fired in 2017 decided to uncover the pot two years after what happened. In addition to having fired him from the team, Luna claims that after all the players signed their contracts, the coach took them away (physically) and never gave them back to the players. After that, Jidset defended himself and denied everything Luna had stated in the interview. On the other hand, Luna mentioned that the profits from the tournaments were only divided among the directors and that they never reached the players.

Finally, the player pointed out that the organization tried to manipulate him on this issue, covering up the coach’s fallacies. That is why he had not decided to talk to any reporter.

Boston Uprising has been in controversy several times

This is not the first time we have encountered controversy surrounding the Uprising. Recall that Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez, a former team member, was accused of sexually abusing a minor in 2018. In addition, another player, Walid “Mouffin” Bassal, was charged in 2020 for the same offense.

So far, the organization has not made a statement after the community and recognized personalities within the OWL made these allegations.

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