Blind Esports signs former Global Esports BGMI roster

Indian esports organization Blind Esports has finally decided to announce its BGMI lineup, following the signing of four former... Eduardo | 3. April 2023

Indian esports organization Blind Esports has finally decided to announce its BGMI lineup, following the signing of four former Global Esports players and two very young promising players.

With this, the organization is ready to embark on its course for this 2023 BGMI season. First, however, we must remember that this mobile video game is currently suspended in India, so there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the competitive scene.

Likewise, if an organization decides to announce a signing of this magnitude, things may change in the scene in the country.

Blind Esports announces the signing of former Global Esports players

After much uncertainty and anticipation, Blind Esports announced its BGMI lineup with four former Global Esports players.

A few days ago, Global Esports announced their sudden departure from the scene, both from BGMI and NEW State Mobile. There is no doubt that this announcement came as a total surprise, considering that the team was one of the best lineups in the game. However, in the statement on Twitter, the organization details that this does not mean they are leaving the mobile esports scene. In addition, they mention that “when the game returns,” they will do so.

Blind Esports’ lineup is as follows:

  • Khush “Joker” Singh
  • Nakul “NakuL” Sharma
  • Mohammad “Manya” Raja
  • Manpreet “Rony” Singh
  • Rudra “SPower” B
  • Aravind “SpyOp” Menon

About the players

As mentioned, four of the six players were part of Global Esports’ starting lineup: NakuL, Rony, Joker, and Manya. Although this lineup had some problems at the beginning of the season, they later got back on track and managed to be crowned at The Esports Club – BGMI Invitational Season 4 and at the THUG Invitational: Season 5.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning that, in the 2022 season, the guys from the former Global Esports lineup finished in fourth place in the BGMI Pro Series 1 and won the BGMI Masters Series.

Now, along with this experienced and successful squad, Blind Esports has also signed SPower and SpyOp, a pair of players who are only 16 years old and are set to be among the best in the scene.

Starting with SPower, we can highlight that he is one of the youngest professional players and content creators in the BGMI scene. While the player has not been able to participate in an official BGMI tournament due to his age, when he has done so in many unofficial tournaments, he has put on a real show.

SpyOp is in an identical situation as SPower. However, he is less popular in the community as he has not been in the content creation world for long.

Future of BGMI

Undoubtedly, this BGMI lineup will be one of the best on the scene. Combining four extremely experienced players used to winning and two-star rookies, we can be sure we will feast our eyes on watching them play.

However, with the country’s restrictions regarding the game’s limitations, it is still unknown what will happen to the competitive scene. There have been many rumors over the past few days indicating that the return of BGMI is imminent. But there is still no official announcement from Krafton.

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