BLEED Sign Nexa

Just a few weeks after being benched by G2 Esports, nexa has already found a new CS2 team. BLEED... Radu M. | 5. July 2024

Just a few weeks after being benched by G2 Esports, nexa has already found a new CS2 team. BLEED may not be as strong or as ambitious as G2, but they’re definitely a good team that could easily reach the top 20 in the next six months.

For this team, which is currently ranked 36th, nexa is an important upgrade. His experience in G2 will serve him well and will also allow him to provide valuable insights that could improve BLEED’s understanding of the current meta.

Nexa’s Achievements

Nexa is 27 years old and has been a pro player for nearly a decade. At this point, his vast experience gives him many advantages over the younger competitors. In the last five years, he has gained valuable knowledge about the game by competing for two important esports organizations: OG and G2 Esports.

During this time, he won four A-tier tournaments and one S-tier one. He also finished 2nd at IEM World Championship in 2020, 2nd at IEM Cologne in 2021, and 2nd at PGL Major Stockholm in 2021.

When you’ve been part of a team that played in the Grand Final of a Major, your confidence and expectations are high. Because you know for sure that such results are not just a distant dream. They can happen with enough practice and determination.

BLEED’s Chances

BLEED’s plans seem to be quite epic. The organization signed hampus in December last year and brought him for the IGL role. Around him, they built a roster that received multiple upgrades, nexa being just the last one. The signing of this valuable player was likely influenced by the team’s coach, kassad, who is also from Serbia.

The rest of the squad was signed in 2024 and includes these players: CYPHER, jkaem, and nawwk. The last two players on this list came from Apeks, where they did a fantastic job, carrying the team to new heights. In 2023, they weren’t far from winning the BLAST.tv Paris Major.

The team that would eventually win the trophy, Vitality, eliminated them in the semifinals. In December 2023, Apeks finished 2nd at Elisa Masters Espoo.

BLEED have everything they need to become a powerful team. They probably won’t win important tournaments but they could easily qualify for lots of A-tier and S-tier events in the next six months. For a team of their caliber, that alone would be a great achievement.

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