BLAST Premier Spring Final Group Stage Results

The group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Final is over and the two eliminated teams are SAW and G2... Radu M. | 14. June 2024

The group stage of BLAST Premier Spring Final is over and the two eliminated teams are SAW and G2 Esports.

Everyone expected SAW to be eliminated but in group B, G2 were supposed to be stronger than Virtus.pro or Team Vitality. M0NESY’s absence complicated things for them and in the end, despite his arrival on the second day of the tournament, G2 were defeated by both Team Spirit and Team Vitality.

Group A Results

In group A of BLAST Premier Spring Final, Natus Vincere played much better than expected and won both of their matches. Astralis were supposed to defeat them but lost both maps despite having a big advantage after the first half of Nuke. The scores were 13 – 11 and 13 – 9.

In the second match, against FaZe Clan, Na’Vi convincingly won on Dust II (5 – 13) but lost on Nuke after a disastrous first half (13 – 9). The match was decided on Mirage, where Na’Vi made a comeback and won 10 – 13.

SAW had a dramatic performance against FaZe Clan and nearly won on Ancient. The score was 2 – 10 in their favor after the first half. But on the second half, karrigan’s team forced overtime and won 19 – 16. On Inferno, SAW were clearly demoralized and lost 13 – 5.

Against Astralis, the Portuguese squad couldn’t do anything: 6 – 13 on Dust II and 3 – 13 on Inferno.

Group B Results

In group B, Vitality looked very dominant on the first map of their first match and won 13 – 5 against Virtus.pro. But the next two maps didn’t go as planned. VP won Dust II 11 – 13 and Anubis 10 – 13.

G2 did something similar against Team Spirit. Despite playing with their coach, TaZ, as a stand-in, G2 won on Ancient 8 – 13 largely thanks to NiKo’s incredible performance: 25 – 8, 119.4 ADR, 1.99.

The next two maps belonged to Spirit and finished very quickly: 13 – 7 on Dust II and 13 – 4 on Anubis. Donk and his teammates went on to beat VP 2 – 0.

For m0NESY, who started the tournament on day 2, everything was over very quickly. ZywOo and apEX simply demolished his team. HooXi finished with a score of 20 – 47 while nexa’s was 25 – 43. The entire G2 roster had negative KD scores. Meanwhile, the entire Vitality roster had positive KD scores.

The overall difference was substantial: 13 – 4 on Inferno, 9 – 13 on Anubis, and 13 – 5 on Mirage. Vitality won their maps with ease. G2 had to fight hard to win on Anubis.


Thanks to winning their groups, Na’Vi and Team Spirit will start the playoffs of BLAST Premier Spring Final in the semifinals. Based on everything we’ve seen so far, Spirit have good chances of winning the tournament. The only obstacle they will need to deal with is going to be FaZe Clan or Vitality.

Both of these teams defeated Spirit in the last three months, proving that donk’s squad is not invincible. He may well be one of the best players in CS2 at the moment, but Spirit can be beaten with the right tactics and strategies.

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