Bind will make a comeback with Episode 6 Act III, here are all the changes

Riot Games has revealed the changes made to Valorant’s beloved map Bind, which was removed by the developers from... Shubh | 31. March 2023

Riot Games has revealed the changes made to Valorant’s beloved map Bind, which was removed by the developers from the game’s map pool in January with the release of Episode 6 Act 1.

Set in a Moroccan city on Alpha Earth, Bind is a popular Valorant map with a unique mechanic that allowed players to teleport from one side of the map to the other using one-way teleporters. After a brief hiatus, the map will return to Valorant with Episode 6 Act 3, which will be released on April 25th. 

Here is a detailed list of the upcoming changes to Bind

A Site Teleporter and bath entry and exit

The teleporter from B Site to A Site has been moved closer to A Bath, which is a major improvement, especially for professional play. Players had the option to enter the A Site by either A Cubby or A Bath in the past, but doing so required teleporting outside A Lobby, which was considerably farther away.

Now, players will teleport right outside A Bath, significantly closer to the site but the rotation from A Cubby will be much more time-consuming. Minor changes have also been made towards the entry and exit of A Bath where the size of the corner walls have been slightly increased to accommodate for better holds and peeks during gunplay.

A Site Tower Wall and Backsite

In front of the back wall, a single barrel has been installed for defenders or even attackers to stand on and peek. The Tower Wall at the entrance to A Site has been given a curve to allow players to cave in and hold a close angle, making it difficult for players entering the A Site to clear the entrance.

A Site – Crates 

Another noteworthy adjustment was made to the stack of green boxes inside the A site. The crates now stand side by side on the ground rather than two vertical pillars of adjoining boxes. As a result, the boxes’ elevation was reduced by half, and they are extended horizontally, offering better shelter during a spike plant/defuse.

B site

B Hall entrance

The entrance to B Hall has been significantly expanded, making it more difficult for players to sprint through the door and potentially allowing attackers to have a better look at the Defender Side Spawn.

B Elbow

VALORANT to bring back Bind with several changes at the start of Episode 6 Act III

Image Credit: Riot Games

A vent has been placed in the hallway, which can be used by the Defenders to deploy a utility, like Skye’s flashes or Sova’s Recon Bolt.

Header: Riot Games