Beyond the Summit back to help SA DPC

Beyond the Summit is an event organizer who has been instrumental in developing the various CPD leagues since its... Eduardo | 20. January 2023

Beyond the Summit is an event organizer who has been instrumental in developing the various CPD leagues since its inception. However, last October 2022, news broke that BTS would not only not produce the 2023 DPC. Well, Beyond the Summit co-founder, David Gorman confirmed in a Tweet:

“It’s unclear if we’ll make any Dota content in the future.”

To all this, Valve did not make any official announcement about the decision of BTS not going ahead with DPC in 2023. This news was very confusing for everyone, as Beyond the Summit is one of the organizers constantly working with the Dota 2 team.

Dota 2 in South America

In recent years, the South American region has been one of the most promising in the Dota 2 competitive scene. Teams like Thunder Awaken and beastcoast demonstrating an excellent level in The International make us think South American players are here to stay.

Not only this, but teams that had problems in other regions, such as Evil Geniuses in NA and Alliance in Europe, decided to lay the foundations of their new project in South American lands.

Valve’s decision to hold one Major in SA

As a result, the Lima Major 2023 will be the first Dota 2 Tier-S tournament in South America. Despite many speculations around its cancellation, fans’ impatience to purchase tickets is impressive.

However, it seems that the organizers have not paid enough attention and passion to the production of the DPC in South America. The first week started on January 10, and they had many problems.

Initially, the English language broadcasts were the property of the European Pro League. But, it was announced that it was officially transferred to BTSBRasil, after only five days. There is no doubt that this generates great expectations from fans due to the excellent reputation of DPC Beyond the Summit in its content.

Popular analyst Muriëlle “Kips” Huisman said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of scrambling and salvage work, I’m very happy to say Beyond the Summit has helped to give the SA DPC a home for the rest of Tour 1!”

On the other hand, Beyond the Summit co-founder, Australian caster David “GoDz” Parker, said:

“The company is happy to do what we can to support the Dota 2 scene, especially in South America.”

The fact that Beyond the Summit would willingly step in to fix this problem despite their issues with Valve speaks volumes about their passion and love for Dota 2.

Recall that BTS has been one of the most veteran, experienced and passionate Dota 2 broadcasters in esports history. They also created the iconic and famous The Summit series and participated in many spectacular events.

What to expect at The Lima Major 2023

The first Dota 2 Major takes place at the end of February in Lima, Peru. The organizers, 4D Esports and Epulze, are expected to have learned their lesson after the DPC debacle. Undoubtedly, they must bring the highest possible production quality to the tournament.

In addition, Beyond the Summit DPG will be a milestone in the future, so fans can only have high expectations that this will be the first tournament of a high caliber.

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