BetBoom Dacha Belgrade Day 1 Results

BetBoom Dacha Belgrade started with poor results for BetBoom and Team Falcons. In BetBoom’s case, the defeat was very... Radu M. | 15. May 2024

BetBoom Dacha Belgrade started with poor results for BetBoom and Team Falcons. In BetBoom’s case, the defeat was very predictable because their opponent, MOUZ, had recently won ESL Pro League S19. But Falcons were expected to do better against Virtus.pro.

Unfortunately for zonic’s team, it’s starting to become clear that they aren’t on a good path at the moment. Lineups that work well don’t need more than several months to start getting good results. And in this particular case, we’re talking about more than six months of training.

If nothing improves in the next few months, Snappi will most likely be benched and a new IGL will be signed. There’s also a chance that one of the existing players will take on that role and a high-caliber player like s1mple will be brought in.

At this point, s1mple’s career isn’t going too well and his most recent project was poorly received by much of the community. People want to see s1mple playing like he used to, not spend his time teaching aspiring players to improve.

It’s been around nine months since he decided to take a break. The situation is starting to look more and more like dev1ce’s from several years ago. For Falcons, that’s good news if things don’t click with the current roster. And they probably won’t.

Day 1 Results

In the first match of the day, MOUZ struggled against BetBoom but eventually won 13 – 11 and 16 – 12 after some amazing clutches. Torzi and Jimpphat’s good KD scores also helped a lot. Nobody expected MOUZ to win like this, but they probably didn’t have enough time to prepare for this tournament given that it started just a few days after EPL S19.

For BetBoom, s1ren had a great performance. With a slightly better performance on nafany’s part, they would have won the match.

Virtus.pro and Falcons had a close fight on the first map, Vertigo. VP won 16 – 13 after two perfectly equal halves. SunPayus was the only Falcons player to perform well enough to finish with a positive KD score in this match. Meanwhile, four VP players managed to do that. In particular, fame was incredible: 45 – 28 / 101.6 / 1.61.

The score on the second map was 13 – 5, which disappointed a lot of spectators who wanted to see more out of Falcons. Perhaps the second day of the tournament will be better for them, but everyone’s a skeptic at this point.

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