Best mechanical gaming keyboards under $100

Not all gaming keyboards are the same; they all have differences that can mark the development of a gamer.... Eduardo | 18. March 2023

Not all gaming keyboards are the same; they all have differences that can mark the development of a gamer. In addition, not all keyboards provide the same level of comfort and enjoyment in your favorite games. On the other hand, finding the best keyboards that cost less than $100 can be a real challenge.

Keyboards’ different switches and keys can significantly impact the gaming experience and typical typing experience.

Best mechanical keyboards under $100

Before diving in with the best keyboards, we should clarify that we consider different criteria to select these keyboards: connectivity, software compatibility, gaming performance, and ease of setup.

However, it should be noted that many times this tends to be a personal choice of the players, as many prefer quieter keys, while others point out that noisy keyboards provide more comfortable responses when pressing.

Selecting the best mechanical keyboard priced under $100 can be challenging, as many are in this category. However, below, we bring you a list, in our opinion, of the best keyboards you can buy under $100.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60

While many may think that getting a Gaming keyboard priced under $100 might mean they won’t find a premium brand, we can assure you that they are not right.

Popular peripheral and component brand, HyperX has all their fans on tight budgets covered with the Alloy Origins 60. This 60% keyboard (in size) has mind-blowing lighting, and the mechanical switches are just right. There is no doubt that this is a mid-range keyboard that ideally provides the HyperX seal of quality. Finally, you can get this keyboard at a top price of $85.

If you are looking for a mechanical Gaming keyboard for under $100, there is no doubt that this can be your best option.

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Credits: HyperX

Logitech G Pro

Undoubtedly, the popular Logitech company is always at the forefront regarding high-quality Gaming peripherals and is no exception for mechanical keyboards. For a budget of $100 or less, Logitech brings the Logitech G Pro, a remarkably comfortable mechanical keyboard with all of its functional keys, spectacular and fully adjustable RGB lighting, and, as is a current trend, a detachable cable.

This keyboard is priced at around $92 and is an excellent long-term investment for gamers who don’t want to overspend to build their ideal gaming scenario.

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Credits: Logitech

Razer BlackWidow V3

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed is a gaming keyboard with a TKL layout of only 65% of the size. This makes it perfect for people who have to move the keyboard around and those who need a lot of space to maneuver their gaming mouse. Also, despite being completely wireless, it will provide an experience equal to its wired counterparts thanks to HyperSpeed technology.

The current price of the Razer BlackWidow V3 is just shy of $100, but it may be one of the best options for those with a budget capped at this amount.

71dg536ABML. AC SL1500

Credits: Razer

Header: Jim D | flickr