Best Entry Fraggers in VALORANT of 2022

For any team to be successful in each of its games, it is essential that, in its composition, it... Eduardo | 26. December 2022

For any team to be successful in each of its games, it is essential that, in its composition, it has an aggressive, skilled, and, above all, talented player, an Entry Fragger.

There is no better feeling for an IGL than having an Entry Fragger by his side. These players are the most popular of the teams, the most fearless, and the most risk-taking.

Best Entry Fraggers of 2022 at VALORANT


We can’t start our list with any other player than DRX’s South Korean superstar, BuZz.

BuZz has accustomed us to being a spectacular Duelist who uses his skills perfectly and has an unparalleled aim. This player can incite as much chaos as possible in the opponent’s defense and create many spaces.

We do not doubt that BuZz is a real killing machine in VALORANT, which, according to vlr.gg, has an FK/FD of 0.23/0.2.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr


In EMEA, no one knows Zyppan, which is why he is the second player on our list. This player is DRX’s primary weapon, and with his outstanding performances and FK/FD of 0.26/0.14, he is one of the best players in the world.

Zyppan is a player that depends a lot on the selected agent. With Raze, he is an absolute beast, while his stats are much lower with Jett.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr


He is still a kid to many, but he is still considered one of the most prolific talents in the NA region, and now, with his new team, he will be much more armored for 2023.

While Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban has often overshadowed him, this player has impressive 0.26/0.16 FK/FD stats in 2022.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr


After what was observed in the CS:GO IEM Rio Major 2022 and LOUD’s victory in the Champions 2022, there is no doubt that the passion that Brazilians transmit is unmatched.

With their victory in the World Championship, LOUD is already one of the favorites to be on top again in 2023. And ASPAS is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental pillars of the team.

With an extraordinary FK/FD of 0.20/0.13, ASPAS has been a very explosive Entry Fragger in the team’s rounds.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr


Kun Agüero’s esports team, KRÜ Esports, saw 2022 as their rise to fame. This was partly thanks to performances from players like keznit, who had many spectacular Entry plays that led his team to victory.

With an FK/FD of 0.16/0.24, which does not do justice to the force that KRU has become, “keznit” has made 2022 a fitting stage for his rise.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr


Perhaps the most relevant VALORANT performance in 2022 is Paper Rex’s rise to the top. His wild and unorthodox style of play surprised many of his rivals.

The fan-favorite star “f0rsakeN” leads the team who has wowed the community with his incredible aim, mind-blowing moves, and miracle-creating Yoru.

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Credits: VCT | Flickr

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