Beastcoast Qualify For TI13

The South American Qualifier for The International 13 was full of excellent teams. But only two of them will... Radu M. | 22. June 2024

The South American Qualifier for The International 13 was full of excellent teams. But only two of them will represent the continent at TI13 in September.

The winner of the competition was HEROIC. Beastcoast managed to finish 2nd, which was a huge surprise because nobody expected them to play so well.

Beastcoast’s Road To TI13

Beastcoast entered the SA Qualifier for TI13 with a roster that was created less than five months ago. A few of the players finished in the top-18 at The International once in the last four years. The rest of the squad had very few significant results.

Because of this, beastcoast’s chances of qualifying were slim. Teams like HEROIC, Midas Club, Leviatan, BOOM Esports, and others were full of players whose results were far more impressive.

The first match played by beastcoast in the tournament was against Infinity, whose roster was created just a few months ago. This gave MoOz a huge strategic advantage, which became obvious in both games.

The first one ended in 31 minutes while the second one lasted 30. Beastcoast’s drafts were unusual, with heroes like Pudge, Muerta, Ogre Magi, and Zeus. But all of them were utilized with great skill and in a tactically coherent manner.

The second match was played against Midas Club, who had famous SA players like Kingrd, 4dr, and Costabile. But it seems that the three and a half months they had at their disposal to prepare for this qualifier were not enough. Beastcoast won without too many problems. Their strategy revolved around heroes like Pangolier, Pudge, and Earthshaker.

In the upper bracket Final, beastcoast finally encountered a much stronger opponent and they lost despite using some of their favorite heroes. In game 1, HEROIC used an Alchemist-based strategy. In game 2, their Templar Assassin farmed with great speed and managed to stay ahead of the enemy cores. During the mid portion of the game, this gave HEROIC a huge advantage.

In the lower bracket Final, beastcoast played against one of the strongest teams in the tournament, BOOM Esports. For some reason, BOOM decided to use Hoodwink in all three games and they lost games 2 and 3 because of this. They were simply too predictable.

For beastcoast, the strategy revolved around Witch Doctor, Dark Willow, Underlord, and other heroes that they hadn’t played very much. But thanks to their determination, they were able to be victorious with them.

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