Beastcoast lost their first DPC 2023 match in South America

In Tour 1 and Tour 2 of Dota Pro Circuit 2023, beastcoast dominated South America’s Division I and won... Radu M. | 2. June 2023

In Tour 1 and Tour 2 of Dota Pro Circuit 2023, beastcoast dominated South America’s Division I and won every single match. The team started Tour 3 with three more victories, but then, out of the blue, Mad Kings ended their 17-win streak in the region.

This was an absolutely shocking defeat for beastcoast, but the battle for the first place in Tour 3 is not over yet. If beastcoast can win their final match, which will be played against Evil Geniuses, they will force a tiebreaker.

The only problem is that EG are in great shape right now and won their first six matches of Tour 3 without losing a single game. This run was a clear display of strength and beastcoast will need to think outside the box if they want to beat them.

Beastcoast’s defeat

Beastcoast lost against Mad Kings because of their stubbornness. They wanted to play Tiny so badly that they completely neglected the counterpicks. Mad Kings knew exactly how to approach the situation and despite not being one of the best teams in the region, they still managed to win.

In game 1, Mad Kings played with a very unusual trio: Ember Spirit, Clinkz, and Phantom Lancer. All of these heroes need a lot of farm to be effective but Mad Kings anticipated beastcoast’s slow tempo. Their Tiny, Juggernaut, and Beastmaster did not want to put pressure on them as soon as they could have, which led to a 40-minute game.

The second reason why beastcoast couldn’t put much pressure on Mad Kings’ lineup was that the laning phase went horribly wrong for them. At the 10-minute mark, Mad Kings were already 5000 gold ahead. Their advantage climbed to 12.000 over the next 8 minutes.

Then, quite miraculously, beastcoast started to fight back and regained 10.000 gold over the next 10 minutes. But in the end, Mad Kings’ draft proved to be stronger.

In game 2, the two teams had a back-and-forth battle with massive networth swings. Beastcoast’s Silencer had a lot of excellent moments but as time went on, the team’s Naga did not turn into the unstoppable monster she was supposed to become. Meanwhile, Mad Kings’ Magnus, Beast Master, and Void Spirit became really strong.

After many epic battles, the underdog defeated the only undefeated team in South America.

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