Fabio | 23. August 2020

BDS Claim The Trophy Of R6 Europe Major

BDS came out victorious in the Grand Finals of the European Rainbow Six August Major. G2 brought them an incredibly close and tense match, but eventually, the Frenchmen delivered the ultimate comeback to get through to the trophy.

G2 got into the match with a map advantage, having successfully fought their way through the Upper Bracket. This advantage was nullified almost instantly, as BDS managed to climb onto a 4-2 lead at haltime of the first map, Villa. As soon as G2 got onto the defense, however, they slowly got some rounds for themselves. Soon, the teams found themselves in overtime. There, the international superteam G2 came out victorious.


After the first map, the Grand Finals were almost over already. One single map win separated G2 from Major victory. On Oregon, they hoped to quickly seal the deal. But instead, BDS made a strong showing on the offense, reaching another 4-2 lead at halftime. Now, the Frenchmen could take the defensive side, which they managed to hold much better than G2. Following three straight round wins, BDS got the 7-3 map victory.

Nonetheless, Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu and his compatriots still stood with their backs against the wall. On Kafe, they also had to enter one of G2’s stronger maps. But the BDS players worked hard to deliver a dominating first half again. For the third time in a row, they held a 4-2 lead. In this instance, however, G2 turned things around and slowly ground their deficit down.

This comeback was unfortunately not enough. In the last round, G2 were unable to secure the 3v3 and Ben “CTZN” McMillan was the last to fall for the international superteam. With a 5-7 loss on Kafe, the Grand Finals were tied 2-2.

At the start of the match, G2 Esports had held all of the cards. With their overtime victory on Villa, they should have broken their opponents and quickly snatched away the Major trophy. Instead, they now went onto Clubhouse, historically one of their weakest maps, to fight for survival. The Grand Finals couldn’t have been any more tense.


If we didn’t know better, we’d bet on the match being scripted – a 4-2 for BDS at halftime again! Now, G2 had to prove their capabilities on the defense. Unfortunately, they were unable to do so and BDS quickly got onto a 6-3 lead. In dominant fashion, the roamers of G2 got hold of the follow-up round. But in their Cash/CCTV defense, bad luck struck them. Early on, they lost Jake “Virtue” Grannan und BDS were able to open the wall to CCTV without much opposition. The Frenchmen were basically free to plant, instead they went for 1v1 duels. The G2 players dropped like flies and within a matter of seconds, BDS held the round, map, match, and Major victory.


Prior to the event, we had already highlighted this player. With Loïc “BriD” Chongthep, another strong player had made his way to the top of the scoreboard in EUL. Since then, Shaiiko had taken a step back and had become quieter. We argued that, should he return to his old form, he would guarantee his team the Major victory. And he did just that, leading with 43 kills and 0.9 kills per round.

On the other side, we could see Virtue perform decently well. Unfortunately, the rest of the G2 players were unable to post positive ratings. With such a close match, one might be tempted to call this a choke by the G2 side, but that would be a gross misrepresentation. In fact, BDS took control and dominantly played towards the Major trophy. Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen said it best in the chat after the match: “best team EU”. We have nothing more to add to this.

BDS close this season with a career high. Rogue, the first-placed team of EUL, broke down early on in this Major. BDS convincingly fought through the Lower Bracket to claim a well deserved first place. The future looks bright for this team and we hope to see this lineup back in action for EUL Stage 2 soon.