Apex star Daltoosh wants to switch to Call of Duty

The content creator and Apex Legends star of North American team TSM, Dalton “Daltoosh” Hester, has revealed that he... Eduardo | 4. January 2023

The content creator and Apex Legends star of North American team TSM, Dalton “Daltoosh” Hester, has revealed that he is “done” with the competitive Apex Legends scene. He has also indicated that his next step is to make a name for himself in the Call of Duty scene.

Daltoosh is a very popular streamer on Apex

All Apex Legends fans know who Daltoosh is, as he is among the most popular streamers today. This content creator has a very dedicated audience and has over 700,000 subscribers on Twitch.

There is no doubt that Daltoosh has an impressive talent for playing Apex Legends. But he is also very famous on Twitch for the different ALGS watch parties he streams.

Daltoosh always wants to impress his followers while watching different competitive matches; he has commentary that never fails to entertain viewers. In addition, he takes advantage of his experience and skill in this game to make accurate and funny commentary.

Daltoosh’s goal is to commentate on professional Call of Duty games

In a Twitter comment to a follower, Daltoosh has disappointed all his fans by revealing that he is “done” with Apex Legends and wants to switch to professional Call of Duty.

As we note, he clearly states in the response that he no longer wants to continue in Apex Legends.

His passion for esports, knowledge, style, and personality would make Daltoosh attract many fans, just as he did throughout his career in Apex Legends. But there is no doubt that switching esports to a different one is always a significant risk.

However, another response was from OpTic’s creative director, Davis “Hitch” Edwards, who said:

“we’re hosting watch parties going into Major 2 lmk if you wanna shotgun some beers and watch cod.”

Future of Daltoosh in Call of Duty

There is no doubt that receiving such a proposal is the perfect opportunity for Daltoosh to leap into the Call of Duty community. The tricky part for him will be to show all the CDL fans why his Apex Legends watch parties were so popular.

If Daltoosh formally accepts this invitation and all goes well, it could be the gateway to the Call of Duty world. Recapturing the passion for a new video game could be an excellent start for someone with Daltoosh’s extensive track record.

In addition, this would serve as a way for the content creator to continue to grow his audience. And even attract new viewers to the Call of Duty League. In other words, this would be a real win-win relationship.

Header: Daltoosh | Twitter