Apex server issues are getting unbearable

As we know, Revelry, as Apex Legends season 16 is called, was released about a month ago and brought... Eduardo | 16. March 2023

As we know, Revelry, as Apex Legends season 16 is called, was released about a month ago and brought many changes in gameplay, balance, and some content that players have discovered. However, like any update, this one comes with some bugs that the developers have tried to fix but have not succeeded.

These bugs have been bugging the Apex Legends community for a month now, and while many have been resolved, some remain in the game, and according to players, it is unbearable to play with them present.

Bugs in Apex servers make the community desperate

As mentioned, bugs and many hacks discovered have been affecting the gameplay of Apex Legends since the launch of season 16, Revelry. Respawn has been trying to solve these situations, but as they fix some, they realize that others appear.

That is why players in some official game forums and on Reddit point out that playing on the Apex Legends servers is unbearable. Undoubtedly is no secret that errors in our favorite video games can be detrimental to the gameplay and the development of the games.

In a thread on Reddit, a user opened the debate with the title: “Apex is unplayable.”

Apex is unplayable. from apexlegends

As we observe in the image (Currently, the post seems to have been blocked), problems can be noticed regarding internet connection or latency. Also, players in the comments claim that these ping problems are only in Apex Legends, while in other games, everything works perfectly.

Another user also points out that the random crashes, 10-minute bans, and -60RP have hurt gameplay the most.

Apex Community: Revelry has destroyed the game!

According to many players who participated in this thread on Reddit, the new Apex Legends season 16 update, Revelry, has destroyed the game.

The bug that the community highlights is annoying: during a game, they suffer a ping increase that prevents them from enjoying and, of course, getting the victories. As a result, many players die without knowing how.

Players are calling on Respanw to fix these connection errors on the servers. In addition, they ask to identify the players who are having these problems to prevent them from losing points in ranked mode.

Code 110 in Apex

The 110 error that has become a severe problem for players in recent days is becoming increasingly common. Players have reported this several times, and even the servers have been down, but the problem persists.

This code is an error or connection problem that the Apex servers have, which is not letting players log into their EA accounts. The error displayed reads:

“Unable to complete login to EA account (domain eadp::Foundation Error Code 110)”.

Respawn Entertainment has not commented on this situation; however, we hope they will fix all the errors quickly.

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