Apex server bugs hit ALGS

Following the Apex Legends Season 16 update over a month ago, many community members have pointed out that server... Eduardo | 19. March 2023

Following the Apex Legends Season 16 update over a month ago, many community members have pointed out that server errors are becoming more and more common, affecting the game’s quality of life. However, this had only been in daily ranked games in the Apex world, but it seems they have now reached the ALGS.

As we know, the ALGS is the ultimate tournament in the Apex competitive scene, where we have the participation of the best teams and players in the world. However, before these face off in LAN arenas, where honor, the cup, and walking away with pockets full of prizes are at stake, teams must qualify through online qualifiers. Unfortunately, these, too, have been plagued with bugs.

Apex Legends server bugs hit ALGS

It’s no secret that server bugs in multiplayer games are common in many cases, especially for day-to-day casual play. But that these errors reach the competitive scene, where much more is at stake than just scoring points on the leaderboard, is worrying. As a result, many professional players have spoken out and are beginning to doubt the integrity of the ALGS seriously.

The first significant bug in the ALGS hit the NA scene the previous weekend, while a few hours ago, we saw a server error occur in the EMEA region. These errors are frustrating as servers crash, games are terminated, and you must replay from scratch.

As mentioned, server problems are very common for Apex Legends players. But having servers crash so regularly in professional games causes a negative impact on the community. For example, Kiryl “9impulse” Kostsiu, a Fire Beavers player in the EMEA region, was disappointed with this situation on Twitter and said that the servers are a joke and look like a “circus.”

On the other hand, Cole “Rkn” Prommel, a Sentinels player in the NA region, said that the server went down at a crucial moment for them and is upset about the situation.

These are not the only problems for Apex in season 16

In addition to the server problems, many players have reported different bugs regarding the gameplay as such of the game. For example, some indicate that the trajectories of the bullets are not seen, making it impossible to know where they come from or not hear the shots.

On the other hand, many new hacks have also been reported that have significantly affected players’ quality of life within the games.

There is no doubt that the game is at its most critical part right now. But, in addition, many professional players are furious about this whole situation, as they claim that, besides facing outstanding players as opponents, they have to fight against the game itself to perform.

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