| 24. July 2021

Apex Legends | Seer Ability Kit Briefly Talked About During EA Play Live

We finally have a bit more information on Seer and his peculiar ability kit! It’s not much, but it definitely sets the stage for what’s to come! His release is right around the corner, but it’s nice to be able to theorycraft and think about the many ways in which he’ll leave a mark on the game and its meta!

There’s still a whole lot that we don’t know, of course, but a few key tidbits were shared by game director Chad Grenier during the most recent EA Play Live event and, needless to say, they definitely warrant a bit of our attention!

Apex Legends | Seer Abilities

There’s still no official, detailed description of Seer and his abilities, but this is nonetheless the next best thing and, seeing how it comes from one of the “higher ups” we’re inclined to take it as gospel!

Passive: Seer can sense the heartbeats of his enemies whenever he’s aiming down his sights.

Tactical Ability: Whenever he senses a heartbeat, Seer can activate his Tactical ability and send out drones from his chest which will then hunt down all nearby enemies.

Ultimate Ability: “In certain gameplay situations” Seer can send out hundreds of little drones which will create a dome and track fast-moving enemies inside.

If you’re thinking “Bloodhound 2.0”, know that you’re not in the minority!

In a nutshell, Seer’s abilities will heavily revolve around tracking his enemies in the most precise ways and provide information about their whereabouts to his teammates. This, of course, will heavily affect the game and its pace. His opponents will, in fact, be able to move stealthily, but they’ll have to be very mindful of their positioning and the speed at which they traverse the map.

All in all, he looks like a very interesting addition to the game! Whether he’ll make a splash still remains to be seen, but the potential is certainly there.

There’s a big gameplay reveal on July 26 so we’ll have a much more detailed breakdown in just a couple of days!