Apex Legends Season 6 “Boosted” Breakdown

The sixth season of Apex Legends is right around the corner and there’s quite a lot coming our way,... | 16. August 2020

The sixth season of Apex Legends is right around the corner and there’s quite a lot coming our way, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

When will it release?

“Boosted” will kick off on August 18th at 10 PM PT time. Respawn Entertainment has shifted their release schedule a bit (much like Activision) in an attempt to ease the load on their servers — once Season 6 goes online, millions of players will rush to download it, and there’s only so much bandwidth available.

By doing this, they’re basically ensuring a more stable patch rollout along with more consistent download speeds.

What’s New?

A metric ton of stuff. First of all, there’s a brand-new legend called Rampart. She’s an “expert weapon modder” that can pack a punch, in no small part thanks to her ultimate — a mounted machine gun that can create absolute chaos in a matter of seconds. You can see her in action in the Season 6 announcement trailer. If you want to learn more about this thunderous legend, make sure to watch her origin cinematic, a fantastic bit of animation that goes in-depth into her underground business and reputation.

Players will also notice a couple of changes to the map itself, along with multiple fortifications. These changes are by no means monumental, but they’ll still be a breath of fresh air, especially to those who’ve been playing around the clock during these pandemic times.

We’re also getting a brand new Battle Pass with multiple exquisite player and weapon skins, most of which have yet to be showcased.

As if that wasn’t enough, Respawn gave us a quick glimpse at a brand-new crafting system that’s bound to leave a mark in the game and its meta. The sheer fact that you’ll be able to craft specific weapons, armors, and a ton of other stuff is quite a big game-changer! Players will be able to gather specific materials in-game which can then be used at Replicator stations for crafting.

A New Weapon for the Masses

Finally, there’s a new weapon: the Volt SMG. This is the first energy weapon of its kind in Apex (SMG, to be more exact), and those who’ve played Titanfall in the past will surely recognize it right from the very get-go. With a medium fire rate and unique accompanying visual effects, you’re bound to notice (and hear) the Volt SMG from the moment you spawn on the map. Whether it’ll become as popular as some weapons in the past still remains to be seen, although the potential is certainly there.

Why is this a big deal?

A brand-new season in Battle Royale games is always a cause for celebration. With a new legend, weapon, map changes, crafting, and a ton of cosmetic goodies, players will surely find this batch of content exceptionally entertaining, especially considering its broader implications for the game and its meta.