Daria Belous | 26. May 2022

Apex Legends Mobile made nearly $5m in first week

Apex Legends Mobile launched on May 17 and only a week later made more money than many other popular mobile titles. Since the original Apex Legends project is successful around the world and doesn’t leave popularity charts, the success of Apex Mobile was already determined before its launch. 

According to the Sensor Tower analytical agency, Apex Legends Mobile’s revenue during the first week after launch equals approximately $4,800,000. This is an impressive accomplishment, given that the game is distributed on a free-to-play basis and is available for anybody with a smartphone.

The amount was made by purchases of cosmetic in-game items such as character skins, and weapons, as well as the Premium Battle Pass with exclusive visual rewards and additional in-game currency. The game doesn’t encompass the pay-to-win model, which means that these items don’t have an impact on overall gameplay and don’t give an advantage to players who bought items for real money. 

Most income of the game was reportedly brought by users from USA —  $2,100,000 or 44% of the overall number. The next countries on the revenue list are Japan and Thailand. For comparison, after providing monetization to the game, PUBG Mobile gathered $600,000 in April 2018 for the same period.

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Apex Legends for mobile, made by Respawn Entertainment in collaboration with the creators of PUBG Mobile the Tencent-owned LightSpeed & Quantum Studio — and published by Electronic Arts, was in development for two years before launch earlier this month.

The game became available to both Android and iOS users at the same time and thus engaged two major audiences of mobile users simultaneously. 

More achievements 

After the official release of Apex Legends Mobile, a total of 15 million people pre-registered in app stores to try the new game by Respawn Entertainment, according to the developer. This was highly impacted by in-game rewards for registered players. 

As of now, Apex Legends Mobile became the most popular game by downloads in 60 countries simultaneously. Some of them include the USA, Germany, Japan, and India. The USA leads by the overall number of downloads, next is India and Brasil. Moreover, the title entered the Top 10 free games in mobile stores in 89 countries. 

New hero to drop soon 

Despite the fact that the game launched only a week ago, the developers already have major plans for the next Apex Legends Mobile update. Fans claim to have found multiple hints about the next new character for Apex Mobile — a new avatar frame and a special event called “Diamonds in the Snow”.

The new Legend is expected to be Loba, who is already present in the original PC title. Apex enthusiasts have discovered Loba’s emoji pack and Legends Piece in the game, so the “Translocating Thief’ might be the one to enter The Frontier in the following seasons. 


Images Credit: Respawn Entertainment