fragster | 12. May 2022

Apex Legends hits $2 billion in earnings

Electronic Arts has released its annual financial report, showcasing the rise of its most popular game — Apex Legends. The battle royale is the major contributor to the company’s live services and surpassed a $2 billion mark in total earnings in 2022.

Both FIFA and Apex Legends are said to have propelled the growth of the company’s live services. In its official statement, EA has revealed that since its release in 2019, Apex Legends has earned over $2 billion from in-game items and battle passes. 

Suh commented on the announcement: 

“Our healthy live services growth was driven by strength across our broad-based portfolio, mostly notably by Apex Legends and FIFA. Apex Legends is up over 40% for the year, making it past the $2 billion milestones in lifetime net bookings.”

FIFA 22, the latest edition of the popular football simulator, has been the most successful sequel so far, with a double-digit net booking, according to Chris Suh, EA’s CFO. Because of FIFA’s passionate fanbase, the game was an instant hit when first released in September 2021.

However, the series will undergo major changes in the coming year. According to the announcement made by EA on May 9, the company will no longer collaborate with FIFA. As result, the games will be rebranded as EA SPORTS FC. 

FIFA 2022

FIFA 2022 Cover

In the press release, Suh also stated that the Apex Legends Season 12, which was launched on February 8, was the titles’ most successful season to date. In 2022, the game’s lifetime net booking increased by 40% and crossed the $2 billion mark. As the game grows in popularity, the figure is expected to rise even further. EA is also reportedly working on expanding the popular battle royale to the mobile platform. 

Furthermore, Apex Legends’ esports section also appears to be growing in terms of viewership and prize pools. According to the data by Esports Charts, the most recent Apex Legends Global Series international event accumulated over 676 650 concurrent viewers, a result comparable with the viewership of the biggest leagues on the current esports scene. 

Image credit: Electronic Arts