American PUBG Mobile star “Koops” signed by Nigma Galaxy

Many organizations are unveiling new rosters for upcoming tournaments as the new PUBG Mobile esports season kicks off on... Maria | 13. February 2023

Many organizations are unveiling new rosters for upcoming tournaments as the new PUBG Mobile esports season kicks off on February 15. Joshua “Koops” Estrada has joined the lineup of Nigma Galaxy, an organization based in the United Arab Emirates. This guy is from the United States and has competed there before, so the signing caught everyone off guard.

Thanks to its outstanding performances at numerous prestigious events, the team has established itself as an imposing force on the circuit and has earned a solid international reputation. The PMPL Arabia Spring is scheduled to be held in May 2023.

History of Koops in PUBG Mobile esports

Koops became known after helping Enigma Fan Club win the PMCO 2021 North America competition. He later joined Knights and led his team to victory in the first season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas, earning him the title of Most Valuable Player.

The experienced athlete led his group to success by helping them win the Chipotle Challenger Series. In the PMPL NA 2021 Fall and the second season of the Americas Championship, he and his team also took second and fourth place, respectively. But his team placed seventh in the PMGC League West 2021 and is out of the finals.

In 2022, Koops had another successful year, thanks to his team winning the PMPL NA Fall and finishing in the top five in both splits of the Americas Championship. In addition, he earned four official MVP awards during the 2022 season to demonstrate his excellence.

Nigma Galaxy

On the other hand, the Nigma Galaxy team has established itself as a much-loved team both within the Middle East and internationally. Last year, Nigma Galaxy triumphed in three recognized competitions:

  • PMSC 2022
  • PMPL MENA Championship
  • PMPL Arabia

In addition, their most significant achievements were obtained in the final phase of the PMGC 2021 with third place, and in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022, they were among the top five.

Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to advance to the PMGC 2022 finals. As a result, one of their players, Maad “HixYE” Ashkar, left the team.

Now that Koops has joined the dynamic squad, it will be exciting to see how the revamped Nigma Galaxy team performs in the face of new obstacles.
The rest of the squad has also delivered outstanding performances on numerous occasions, among them are:

  • Muslim “LORD” Jawad
  • Raouf “RAOUF” Abdellah
  • Reshar “FREAK” Dawid
  • Mohammed “HAMODY” Qassim

With the new addition, the team will focus on winning another championship. Their goal will also be to earn a spot at the PUBG Mobile World Invitational Riyadh in July.

Header: NigmaGalaxy | Twitter