AMD’s 3D V-Cache Ryzen Refresh Rumored to Enter Production In November

According to a well known leaker, AMD’s 3D V-Cache Ryzen refresh is scheduled to enter mass production in just... | 26. October 2021

According to a well known leaker, AMD’s 3D V-Cache Ryzen refresh is scheduled to enter mass production in just a few weeks. These AM4-based processors should, then, launch by February 2022 after getting showcased a bit more thoroughly at CES 2022.

Now, this is a very fascinating update from AMD and it could, by all means, allow it to better compete with Intel and its pretty impressive Alder Lake series of processors. Generally speaking, it’s what we’d call an “iterative upgrade” although, in all fairness, the performance numbers (and overall gains) are nothing to scoff at.

Assuming things pan out this way (and there’s really no reason why they wouldn’t), this stacked chiplet design with 3D V-Cache would then take top billing until AMD’s (highly anticipated) Zen 4 refresh comes out near the end of the year.

Ryzen 3D V-Cache

“Packaging Breakthrough” — An Apt Description

What Does This Really Mean?

3D V-Cache Ryzen processors will bring a noticeable performance uplift in the exact same TDP as existing Ryzen CPUs. They’ll be manufactured on with “minor optimization” on TSMC’s 7nm process node which should, by all means, yield better performance across the board. And with 65MB of stacked cache per CCD, these CPUs will feel snappier and faster than ever.

As for gaming, buyers will notice an up to +15% performance improvement which will allow these CPUs to better compete with Intel’s single-core dominance — not to mention the gains Alder Lake is rumored to be bringing. And, better yet, these CPUs will still employ the exact same AM4 socket so if you already have an appropriate motherboard you’ll be able to just drop one in and be done with it!

Ryzen 3D V-Cache

Impressive gains across the board!

Gamers are obviously AMD’s target demographic this time around. And while the benchmarks showcased above are certainly impressive, we’ll still reserve judgement until we can see how well these processors will perform in independent real-world tests. Still, there’s a lot to like, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading from Zen+ or Zen 2, these CPUs should no doubt pique your interest!

Then again, it might be wise to wait things out a bit Intel’s Alder Lake presentation is scheduled to begin in just a few hours! And, well, if things pan out as expected, we’ll witness quite a competitive battle between these two tech giants come holiday season!