Alpha7 Esports wins the PMPL Brazil Spring Championship

The PMPL Brazil spring season is now over. Alpha7 Esports has won the championship, and the top six teams... Maria | 9. May 2023

The PMPL Brazil spring season is now over. Alpha7 Esports has won the championship, and the top six teams have earned a spot in the Americas championship.

This team has been crowned the best team of the spring season in Brazil and has added another important victory to its record in PUGB Mobile.

Alpha7 Esports’ performance at the PMPL Brazil Spring Championship

Alpha7 Esports’ performance during the spring season has been flawless, so they were the only team to score over 200 points in the finals. Specifically, the team scored 210 points in the finals, making them true giants of the game.

The winning team managed to make six Chicken Dinners in a total of 18 matches. Thanks to this outstanding performance, the team took first Place and the amount of $14K.

Brazil PMPL Spring Championship

On the other hand, it is also important to mention Influence Chemin, the current champions of America, who have achieved the second position in the spring season. Influence Chemin managed to get 171 points which led them to win $10k.

However, iNCO Gaming had a good performance but not enough to win the championship and only took third Place. Nevertheless, the team managed to score a total of 160 points.

On the other hand, Flamengo Esports came into the spring season with a lot of strength which was exhausting, and only reached the fourth position. While Loops Esports, the league’s leading team, could not maintain its pace, it got worse and only reached the fifth position.

However, Intense Game had an average performance, finished in the sixth position, and took the last Place for the Americas championship.

Positions of the PMPL Brazil Spring Championship and prize purse distribution

The prize purse for the Brazil PMPL Spring Season was $150K and was distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place $ 14K: Alpha7 Esports
  • 2nd Place $ 10K: Influence Chemin Esports
  • 3rd Place $ 9K: iNCO Gaming
  • 4th Place $ 8.5K: Flamengo Esports
  • 5th Place $ 8K: Loops Esports
  • 6th Place $ 7K: INTENSE GAME
  • 7th – 10th Place $7K
  • 11th – 16th Place $6.5K
  • 17th – 20th Place $6K

On the other hand, it is important to note that Influence Chemin, before the spring championship, already had a place in the PMPL Americas Championship 2023. Therefore, the other top five teams have already secured a place in that important competition.

Finally, it is important to mention some great teams that have not been able to achieve the best performances in this championship. For example, the runner-up of the league, Honored Souls, was in 14th Place due to the poor performance of its players.

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