Fragster | 16. July 2022

All about Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm

Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 3 is on the way and the name has already been leaked — Operation Brutal Swarm. A new operator is on the way too, but a lot of promised content like a new map and ranking changes have been delayed. Here’s all you need to know.

Rainbow Six Year 7 is nearing halfway through and Ubisoft continues working on the changes. This year brought a lot of new content, like maps, to the fans and therefore players expected a similar pace in the future. While most of the new content has been postponed and will be coming later in the year, Operation Brutal Swarm will feature many long-awaited balance changes. Here is all the information about Operation Brutal Swarm in Rainbow Six Siege and when the Year 7 Season 3 Update will be released.

Release date

Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm doesn’t have a confirmed release date yet, but expect it to be out in August around the time of the Six Berlin Major. Ubisoft often unveils new seasonal content at the end of its major esports events, and this time around will likely be no exception.

What do we get with Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm?

Thanks to some data miners, we know that the operator is from Singapore. According to the leaks, he goes by the name of Grim and he will be coming as part of the Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 3 update. Grim is an attacker reportedly armed with the 552 Commando assault rifle and a shotgun as his primary weapons.

His unique gadget also features some sort of red ping tracking, although details are yet to be revealed. But you should treat all information with caution because these are only leaks and not official confirmations.


Balance changes for Finka, LMGs

Originally planned for Operation Vector Glare, the balance changes for Finka and LMGs in Rainbow Six Siege were pushed back slightly while Ubisoft considered how they wanted to go about it. Now the intended solution for Operation Brutal Swarm in Year 7 Season 3 is ready.

“This is still on schedule and will come as part of a larger Siege Moment balance update than we normally release in a single season,” Ubisoft assured players. “That’s one of the reasons we decided to forego a mid-season balancing patch this season. The changes coming with Y7S3 are so intertwined that we feel they are best experienced and embraced in a single package.”

That’s not the only balance change either. Ubisoft is considering introducing a new secondary gadget with Impact EMP grenades – something that could shake up the meta given Thatcher’s dominance.

grim loadout gun screenshot

New map delayed

The delays continue as the planned release of the Year 7 Season 3 map, which was confirmed earlier in the year, has also been pushed back by three months to the final update in 2022. However, as compensation, Ubisoft will add a new map to the competitive map pool: “We’re not revealing any specifics yet, but what we can say is that it’s a map that you’ve played before, that was part of an event and that you’ve never seen compete.”

This has led to a lot of speculation and many Rainbow Six players are hoping that the Stadium map will be made permanent in Season 3 of Year 7.

Revision of the ranking also postponed

Finally, the Ranked 2.0 rework will not appear in Year 7 Season 3 and Operation Brutal Swarm either. Ubisoft commented: “As Y7S3 approached, we realized that Ranked 2.0 would benefit from a little more time, so we made the difficult decision to push the release back a season. This way we can ensure that the ranked rework you get in Y7S4 is as good as it can be.” More details on that will likely be released later this year.

Header: Ubisoft