All about PUBG in 2023

According to the PUBG 2023 roadmap, the game will likely undergo substantial changes. The game developer commented on the... Maria | 20. March 2023

According to the PUBG 2023 roadmap, the game will likely undergo substantial changes. The game developer commented on the details in a very detailed article.

If you want to know what the PUBG 2023 roadmap will look like, read on; here, we will tell you all the news about the game.

All about PUBG in 2023

The game developer has commented on the large number of changes that the title will undergo; among them is the battle royale, and some game modes and maps will have a rotation. In addition, players will have new weapons, a map, and new game modes.

Revision of the Battle Royale

For the battle royale, a thorough analysis of all the elements is being carried out to build a solid foundation for the future; without losing sight of the gameplay.

The changes that will be made will allow players to have a much smoother gameplay experience between the four game modes. In addition, the developer’s goal is to improve users’ experience when switching game modes.

Revision of game modes

Another focus that the developers want to give to the game is for players to experience less stress and for the games to be much more fun. For this reason, in the normal game mode, they have increased the frequency of the appearance of objects and vehicles.

Similarly, the tactical equipment has been renewed, and a reanimation system has been included; reanimation will depend on the teammates who are alive.

In the case of ranked mode, new maps will be gradually added based on the new map rotation; likewise, improvements in rewards and weapons will be included in ranked mode.

New map rotation system

With this year’s changes, the map rotation system will be used for Ranked. In the case of normal matches, the cycles will be shorter so that all players can enjoy their favorite map more frequently. In 2023 eight maps will be rotating in the new system.

The developers aim to increase the possibility of making the maps fixed, making the rotation more flexible and comfortable for the game’s fans. The new update will incorporate this new rotation system into the game in a few days.

Increased variety of weapons

The developers are looking to give all players a greater variety in weaponry so that they can find a weapon that suits their style. So they have added the FAMAS, which can only be used in limited areas.

On the other hand, they have increased the number of shots of some weapons; this has been done to create a more exciting gaming experience.

Neon, the new game map

For this year, the developers bring Neon to the players the new map, combining a modern style with some classic touches. Players can find everything from skyscrapers to rural areas on the map.

Therefore, a new world awaits players to explore with the new dynamics included in the game and the new way of acquiring items.

Updating existing maps

The developers also aim to update the existing maps in the game. They have the goal of surprisingly improving the game this year. So new areas will be included in the current maps without losing the original idea.

It is planned for the second half of 2023 to implement one of the most significant changes the maps will undergo: in the South Island.

Changes in PUBG Esports

After the Ranked improvements, PUBG Esports will undergo some changes. However, the developers intend to implement the same rules in tournaments and qualifiers, thus achieving a more balanced game between esports and Ranked.

The goal is that game fans can live an experience similar to the pros. Therefore, the esports mode of the game will be updated following the same parameters as Ranked.

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