All about Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise event

The Lunar New Year celebrations in Apex Legends begin with the Celestial Sunrise event. Respawn still has one more... Maria | 21. January 2023

The Lunar New Year celebrations in Apex Legends begin with the Celestial Sunrise event.

Respawn still has one more collection event planned for Apex Legends before the close of Season 15.

The Celestial Sunrise event will have a Year of the Rabbit theme to celebrate the start of this Lunar New Year. However, you’ll probably want to try out a couple of exciting additions once they become available.

Read on to find all the information about the new event and prepare accordingly.

Start date

The Celestial Sunrise event is scheduled to start on Tuesday, January 24, the same day the Spellbound event ends. All event content will be available beginning at 7:00 pm CET.

The event will only be available for two weeks, so that it will end on Tuesday, February 7, one week before the start of season 16 of the battle royale.


This is the event’s trailer, which gives us a preview of what we will be able to see at the Celestial Dawn event.

New mode: Hardcore Royale

The event brings a new game mode called Hardcore Royale; it will be available for a limited time. These are the changes of the new mode concerning the traditional format:

  • It is a trios format mode, where the information displayed on the HUD will be much less.
  • All players will have level 1 armor from the start of the game and will not be able to change it, and will not have helmets.
  • The ring will do maximum damage from the start, so if you leave the safe zone, it will lower you quickly.

It is important to note that, to play this mode, your account must be level 20 or higher.

New skins and cosmetics

The event brings with it 24 cosmetics to collect, including different skins. Most of the skins can be obtained by buying them in the store or finding them in the event’s special loot boxes.

However, the event has a few skins available that you can unlock for free; you have to play and collect event points.

In the reward log, you can see which are the free items.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise registro de recompensas

On the other hand, these are the legendary skins that the event brings:


apex legends celestial sunrise ash opalescent serpent


apex legends celestial sunrise pathfinder dragon warrior


apex legends celestial sunrise caustic lion guard


apex legends celestial sunrise octane lucky rabbit

In addition to these legendary skins, the event will have other cosmetics available in the video.

Other details

There is a reward for getting the 24 new cosmetics, as this is a collection event, but this time it won’t be a relic or prestige skin. Instead, the event will grant the Peacekeeper shotgun a reactive look that will alter its appearance while in use.

So far, that’s all we know; we must wait until closer to the event’s start for more information.

Header: EA