ALGS Prize Money Gets Paid Out $100,000 to the Wrong Players

A significant issue has emerged concerning the disbursement of prize money to participants in the ALGS Split 1. Reports... Pablo | 10. July 2024

A significant issue has emerged concerning the disbursement of prize money to participants in the ALGS Split 1. Reports suggest that numerous players have received incorrect payments, with some being underpaid and a few mistakenly receiving large sums.

With the situation ongoing, the fate of the misallocated funds remains uncertain. The gaming community is awaiting clarification from EA regarding the discrepancies, highlighting the need for a resolution to this troubling scenario.

$100,000 of ALGS prize money sent to wrong player

Numerous players have reported discrepancies in the ALGS prize money disbursements for Split 1, managed by Esports Engine instead of EA directly. The payments are made to individual players and are adjusted based on participation. For example, players who competed for a shorter duration receive a prorated amount.

In an unexpected turn, North American professional player Zeddo, who played two weeks for Native Gaming, received a significant overpayment. Native Gaming placed 16th, earning the team $2,000 to be shared among the participants. Despite this, Zeddo received a staggering $100,000, accompanied by a message congratulating him for winning Split 1. The first-place prize for the entire winning team is only $20,000.

Several screenshots have confirmed this payment was deposited into Zeddo’s PayPal account. This incident would dramatically boost Zeddo’s position on the Apex Legends highest earners leaderboard, placing him around 53rd.

Another player, Xeriffer from EMEA, claimed he received $100,000 after finishing 29th. However, further investigation revealed this claim was a false alarm. It remains unclear if any other players besides Zeddo have experienced similar issues.

Additional Complaints About Missing ALGS Prize Money

Several players, including Shooby, Tylerfps, Kimchi, and Gnaske, have reported issues with prize money payments. All these players have stated they have been underpaid. Some even indicate they haven’t received any payments for Split 1.

Player Issue
Shooby Underpaid
Tylerfps Underpaid
Kimchi Underpaid
Gnaske Underpaid

There’s uncertainty regarding the fate of Zeddo, Xeriffer, and others who may have been overpaid. Financial errors like these can be complex and cause significant issues.