A CS:GO skin can cost more than $ 400K

For a weapon skin, some Counter-Strike players are willing to spend more than $400K. We are talking about the... Maria | 16. March 2023

For a weapon skin, some Counter-Strike players are willing to spend more than $400K. We are talking about the biggest auction in the title’s history; the auction is being held for an AK-47 cosmetic that started at that price.

The assault rifle of the attacking side is one of the most emblematic and used weapons in Valve’s video game, so the community highly covets its cosmetics. The cosmetic for which the auction is being held is even more special; according to estimates of the game’s fans, there are only 12 worldwide.

The most expensive Counter-Strike skin in history

Weapons in CS:GO has a monetary value and can be sold on the community market; these weapons can act as financial assets.

When someone buys a $300 knife skin, he can resell it after using it, say, a year later. He can even possibly make a profit if the cost of the cosmetic has increased. Add to this the success of CS:GO, which has a record number of players ten years after its introduction, and players’ enthusiasm for collecting.

Now, let’s talk about the skin causing a stir among CS:GO fans. To begin with, it is part of the Weapon Case. This “lootbox” was released in 2013 and is very hard to come by nowadays and sells unopened for over $75. However, there is only a 1% chance of getting the weapon.

But an extra detail makes it virtually impossible: it is a tempered steel AK-47, whose appearance is based on the colors that this metal adopts when heated.

In the game, this translates into a thousand possibilities of color patterns; in this case, the one would be the 661, which the community considers the most desired. It has a distinctive striped bright tone and a distribution of bright blue that runs across the top of the weapon (the one we see when we play).

In addition, it has a panel (stattrak) that counts the casualties caused by the weapon. On the other hand, there are only twelve of these weapons, and more will never be created.

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Credits: Valve

Extra elements that increase the cost of the weapon

In addition to the weapon’s rarity, the price is increased due to an extra factor. We are talking about four holographic stickers of Team Titan from the 2014 ESL Major in Katowice that are present on it. This sticker is the second-rarest in the entire video game.

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Credits: Valve

The competition occurred a while ago, and the squad has only participated in one official Valve Major tournament. However, it is also a well-known organization because it had to disband due to financial difficulties, which were considerably aggravated when it was discovered that one of its players had cheated.

So the price for each of these stickers is estimated at $24k, although it could vary as there are so few that it is difficult to collect data.

What we are getting at is that this combination is such a long shot that the big CS:GO collectors, want to get their hands on it. It is the most exclusive product, and many people are willing to buy it.

The latest we know is that the seller has already received bids close to $400K. However, he prefers to wait to make a little more profit.

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