2021 Legends of Runeterra World Championship Announced

The 2021 Legends of Runeterra World Championship has just been announced! If you’re a fan of this highly popular... | 22. April 2021

The 2021 Legends of Runeterra World Championship has just been announced! If you’re a fan of this highly popular (and surprisingly entertaining) digital CCG, then you definitely have a reason to celebrate!

In all fairness, we knew it was only a matter of time before Riot pushed LoR into the esports realm (in a more official manner). After all, there’s no reason not to! The game has already found a metric ton of success and is available for a wide range of devices and platforms. It might not have the cult following of, say, Hearthstone or the depth and nuance (not to mention complexity) of Magic the Gathering, but it’s still a load of fun — especially if you’re a more casual player.

It’s crazy to think that Legends of Runeterra was released just a year ago and yet it’s already getting a Worlds of its own! The folks over a Riot deserve a metric ton of credit for the way they’ve handled its development and if the recent couple of expansions are any indication, it’s fair to say that LoR has quite a bright future ahead of it! Seasonal Tournaments were the perfect experiment — we all tuned in with great interest to see some of the best players in the world craft the most ingenious decks and combinations with a singular goal in mind: to best their opponents and etch their names in history.

Now, however, Riot wants to elevate the whole experience even further by introducing LoR’s greatest competitive milestone yet: a bona fide World Championship!

Legends of Runeterra World Championship | Format

The entire qualifiers and finals will take place in September. Sixty-four players from both Americas, Europe, and Asia (as well as several ranked and seasonal tournament participants) will all compete for seats in the World Championship finals and a whopping $200,000 prize pool.

Each of the three regions will therefore have 64 players competing for (up to) 6 seats in the finals (depending on the region). Competitors will also be able to qualify in one of three ways based on either Seasonal Tournament or Ranked performance. Going forward, all players will retroactively receive ranked points based on how well they performed throughout the last couple of expansions. A list of top players (and their final point tallies) will eventually become available on the official LoR website.

Once the qualifiers are over, sixteen of the very best players in the world will be left standing. They’ll move on to the finals and compete in a group stage featuring four-player round robins. The top two finishers from each group will then advance further into the single-elimination stage and duke it out to become LoR’s very first World Champion! Needless to say, there’s quite a lot on the line — an impressive sack of cash including some mighty tremendous bragging rights!

Riot will release additional information as we move closer to the event, so stay tuned!