1win Defy The Odds And Qualify For The International 13

The Eastern European Qualifier for The International 13 was supposed to be a battle between Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, and... Radu M. | 22. June 2024

The Eastern European Qualifier for The International 13 was supposed to be a battle between Natus Vincere, Virtus.pro, and 9Pandas. Only one qualification spot was allocated for this region, so the battle was fierce. But in the end, 1win came out of the blue and won.

Needless to say, everyone was shocked. Apart from swedenstrong, who has been around since 2021 and even competed for Na’Vi for a while, everyone on 1win’s roster is relatively unknown.

1win’s Path To Victory

1win started the qualifier in the upper bracket and their first opponent was Night Pulse. This was V-Tune’s team, which is one of the reasons why 1win’s victory was not devoid of struggles. The final score was 2 – 1.

In the second match, against Natus Vincere, game 1 convinced everyone that 1win would lose. But in the next two games, heroes like Lifestealer, Storm Spirit, and even Morphling gave them a fighting edge. Game 2 was won almost from the start, while game 3 required 1win to make an epic comeback.

Na’Vi had an 11.000 gold lead at the 26th minute mark. But just 15 minutes later, 1win were in the lead with an almost 14.000 networth advantage.

Thanks to this victory, swedenstrong and his teammates advanced to the upper bracket Final and played against Yellow Submarine, the second dark horse in the race. They decided to pick Clockwerk and Dark Willow in both games. Their carry heroes were Morphling and Chaos Knight.

It’s quite amazing that teams like 1win triumph with Morphling at this competitive level while the rest of the Dota 2 community fails miserably with this hero, whose win rate is the lowest in the game right now.

Virtus.pro were eliminated by L1GA TEAM and Natus Vincere by 9Pandas. In the lower bracket Final, Na’Vi managed to beat Yellow Submarine with Weaver. Everyone had high expectations from them because their captain was Solo and their midlaner was kiyotaka.

But, in the best-of-five that determined the final EEU representative at TI13, 1win played incredibly well and won 3 – 0. Their versatility was very impressive. They went from picking Shadow Fiend and Lifestealer to picking Anti-Mage and Tiny. In game 3, they even went for the Io plus Tiny combo, which proved to be deadly against Broodmother, Troll, and Timbersaw.

With this victory, 1win has qualified for the first time in its history to The International. What they’ll achieve there remains to be seen. But the fact that they defeated the likes of Na’Vi and 9Pandas is certainly encouraging.

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