11-year-old Twitch star Lucas Sabino banned from Twitch

Esports is a phenomenon that has revolutionized the world. But, above all, it is a market where age does... Eduardo | 11. December 2022

Esports is a phenomenon that has revolutionized the world. But, above all, it is a market where age does not matter, as anyone can be a star in their favorite video game.

Who is Lucas Sabino?

Lucas Sabino is a young Brazilian of only 11 years of age who seems to be the following promise of esports, precisely, of the tactical shooter of Riot Games, VALORANT. This young promise has shown that he has a lot of future in the category.

Lucas was standing out for having achieved the maximum rank in the video game; it is dedicated to showcasing its games live on the Twitch streaming platform.

But despite demonstrating his great skill, the platform where he created his content decided to suspend his account because he did not follow the platform’s rules, as he was under 13.

Twitch bans 11-year-old streamer

Despite doing so at all times, accompanied by his father, who always supervised everything he did on his computer from the background, the company has decided to ban his account, claiming that you can only stream from the age of 13.

The announcement caused thousands of different opinions on Twitter. Many people showed affection for the young man and asked for his account to be unbanned. Others, on the other hand, abide by community standards and encourage him to return to the screen when he reaches 13.

The adorable video of Lucas asking for help to convince Twitch to let him come back has attracted much attention. Perhaps enough to convince the famous streaming company to let him return.

Both professional teams and Riot are looking to Lucas

In addition to generating excellent content thanks to his superb level of play, Lucas has caught the attention of many esports organizations worldwide. They have considered that they could develop and, above all, exploit the talent that this young player has in his hands.

Similarly, we can see how Lucas has published different videos where he continues demonstrating his innate talent for this video game.

He may also have caught the attention of Riot Games, which may preempt the little guy’s success and help him get back on Twitch to boost his esports career.

South American talent at VALORANT

Thanks to the incredible popularity of Riot’s tactical shooter VALORANT since its launch in 2020. Many players of other video games, such as CS:GO, Apex Legends, or even Overwatch, have decided to venture into this new video game, looking for alternatives for their future.

Due to the problems that exist in South America in terms of sponsorship, development, and organization of large-scale tournaments in the previous popular video games, many talented young people opt for VALORANT and begin to demonstrate all their skills at a very young age.

It should be noted that the Brazilian community has grown exponentially in recent years in the world of esports, thanks to the support of different personalities and famous companies such as Neymar Jr., Casemiro, and other consolidated players such as FalleN.

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