100 Thieves reveals Spotlight Series aiming to “amplify the voices” of female creators

100 Thieves, aiming to pay tribute to all women and amplify their voices in the gaming industry, has introduced... Maria | 2. April 2023

100 Thieves, aiming to pay tribute to all women and amplify their voices in the gaming industry, has introduced the new Spotlight series.

This new project of the esports organization 100 Thieves seeks to make women in the industry stand out and have a higher profile.

Spotlight Series

To close the month dedicated to honoring all those women who fight for a fairer and more equal world, 100 Thieves unveiled its new project. Although we are talking about Spotlight Series, this project is focused on creating original content through a partner platform.

The content presented in Spotlight Series aims to give prominence to female content creators and all women in the streaming industry.

The esports organization, via a Twitter thread, unveiled this new project. 100 Thieves describes “Spotlight Series” as an effort to amplify the voices of female innovators; who struggle every day to get noticed and receive the same attention and degree of visibility as their male counterparts.

How will the Spotlight Series work?

The new 100 Thieves program will highlight emerging female streamers. The organization will select women to be part of the project.

All women who are selected will have the following benefits:

  • They will receive new accessories and equipment
  • Early access to 100 Thieves products
  • A trip to Los Angeles to visit the 100 Thieves offices.

All women who want to be part of this project should go to the official 100 Thieves website; there, they will find all the detailed information on how to apply.

The 100 Thieves website invites all women to apply for a spot in the Spotlight Series. Women selected to be part of this new project can count on the collaboration of 100 Thieves to highlight all their content for a year through this new collaborative platform. In addition, they will be included in the organization’s ecosystem.

On the 100 Thieves website, you can see female content creators who are part of the esports organization’s work team. Among these women are Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, a company co-owner, and Leslie “Fuslie” Ann Fu, a 100 Thieves content creator for some time.

Despite challenges regarding its esports teams, the organization has continued to emphasize the content side of its business.

Large-scale videos showcasing its members have been made, and Spotlight Series creators will have the ability to create content within the company.

About 100 Thieves

In 2017, 100 Thieves, a lifestyle brand and video game organization, was created. Valkyrae, Nadeshot, and CouRage brought to life one of the largest esports organizations. 100 Thieves focuses on entertainment, competitive gaming, and apparel sales.

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