Shubh Dangi | 14. August 2022

100 Thieves overcame The Guard to qualify for Valorant Champions 2022

In a best-of-five grand final of NA VCT Last Chance Qualifiers, 100 Thieves defeated The Guard to clinch a place in the 2022 Valoront Champions. After being decimated by FaZe in the upper semifinals, Derrek “Derrek” Ha and the team pulled off an incredible comeback and went 4-0 in the lower bracket to punch their presence at the biggest Valorant event of the year.

The North American Valorant titans have demolished Guard in the grand finals of the NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier. Trent “trent” Cairns gave his all in to stop the bloodbath, recording a total of 51 kills and an average combat score of 239. Despite his valiant effort in supporting the Guard, they were unable to win the game.

The Guard vs 100T

Starting the best-of-five series, 100T dominated Icebox’s first half. Derrek and Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk showed exceptional firepower in the early going, which helped the team establish a commanding 8:4 advantage. After a few more rounds of back-and-forth combat in the second half, 100T closed the game at 13:7.

 At Fracture, 100T used an offensive approach and destroyed Guards in six straight rounds to gain a decisive 6-0 lead. Even though the Guard won two rounds and halted the bloodshed, they were still a long way from leveling the playing field. Guard was only able to win three more rounds in the second half before 100T pushed them to a disappointing 6:13 loss.

Guard retaliated on Haven, taking the lead early (5-3) with a well-placed utility. With the help of Brenden “stellar” McGrath’s outstanding play on Jett, 100T won four straight rounds to repair the damage. In the second half, 100T maintained its lead, pushing it to 12-7 by winning five rounds and losing just two. Guard won two consecutive rounds in an effort to build a comeback, but 100T stopped them in their tracks by winning one more round to win the match 13:7.

100T will make their first appearance at Valorant Champions

Guard’s hopes of qualifying for the Champions were entirely dashed by the excellent playmaking skills of Derrek and Asuna. Derrek recorded a K/D/A of 56/37/24 with an average damage per round of 180 while Asuna secured 57 kills with an average combat score of 262. With this spectacular yet smooth victory, 100T secured their spot at VALORANT Champions 2022, the VALORANT Champions Tour’s finale. The competition, which will take place from September 2 to September 18, will feature 16 of the world’s top VALORANT teams competing to be crowned the next VALORANT global champions.

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